Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Quilted Palette

Last weekend I attended the Sisters, Oregon annual Quilt Festival. The second Saturday of July every year the town of Sisters puts on an amazing show. Quilts are organized by similarity and hung on buildings, in stores...basically everywhere you look. Even the Fire Department helps. In a matter of hours there are hundreds of quilts to view.

Each quilt is like a painting, marks made by patches and stitching instead of pencils and brushes. Color combinations masterfully selected from a complicated palette of not only color but patterns.
Here are some of the inspirational quilts I saw. Maybe they will also inspire you!

Section of quilt made by the ladies from Gees Bend

Made with hand dyed batik fabrics

Masterful "painting"
 When I returned home I had two paintings that I needed to finish for the Oregon Wine Experience charity event.  I decided to use the quilts to inform my color palette. 

The "fall" colors are yummy!

and became "Autum Song"

I love the teal and red orange...

It became "Girl with a Red Bird"
I hope this inspires you to look for a color palette in unusual places.
Stay Curious!

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