Saturday, August 25, 2012

Easel Instructions

So many of you have asked, so I am posting a link to instructions on how I built the easels. You can access it  here:     Easel Instructions .
Remember, I am an artist, not a woodworker, so I apologize in advance for the instructions. If I can do it without much instruction, you can do it too! Enjoy.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Homemade Easels

I took a day off from painting to make 2 easels with my own two hands. I had the lumber cut at the yard and basically put them together with screws. One piece of 4x8' plywood. Some 1x2" lumber and 4 wheels. I got the idea from Jesse Reno. He has these all over his studio and they are so much more flexible than a regular easel. 2 surfaces to use, storage in between, adjustable rail to put your painting on and two easels can be combined for a giant painting. My hubby was impressed. I did not have to ask for any help and I only spilled a minimal amount of blood!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Trip to San Diego

I have been away...our new grand daughter Emery made her entrance on August 11th and we shot down to So Cal to meet her. What a beauty. I am hoping for weekly photos so I don't miss anything!
I managed to sneak in a bit of antiquing inspiration when I was there. These are amazing creations..who knew you could do so much with some shells and trims!

Now that I am home I am trying to get back in the painting groove. I did this piece in about an hour, just zoning out. Unfortunately I am really liking how it is developing...unfortunate because I did it on some throw away paper...ahhhhh! Don't you just hate when that happens....