June 6 - July 17, 2019 Fin Folk Online Class with Artful Gathering

Fin Folk Online Class

In this workshop students will embark on a creative journey through the process of drawing and painting that begins with the inspiration all the way through to the finished piece. You will experience the full creative process, which is more than just techniques. I am most excited to share concepts you can build on, as you develop your distinct style. Whether just beginning or experienced, being able to approach a painting with authenticity and confidence in your choices will help you move forward in your artistic journey.  The "bones" of how you approach a painting - where you get inspiration, what images and colors sing for you and how you tackle problems along the way all contribute to what makes your art unique.  Learn ways to give yourself options, expand your "what if.." and move easily from drawing to the surface. I have experienced many students who are fearful of drawing, especially faces. My approach is gentle, simple and can be addictive! I invite you to "dive deep" with me and explore what is waiting below the surface.

To register online: Artful Gathering 2019

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