Saturday, June 8, 2013

The work of Creating a Class

I have really been neglecting my blog.....I have been busy working on some of my upcoming classes. To go from concept, to samples, to actual class day, is a long process for me. I approach it as if I am the student, so my expectations are high. I am constantly trying to find the balance - enough information to challenge, but not overwhelm folks. With the supply list supplies in front of me (very important), I work on my samples. My biggest irritation as a student, is to gather all the supplies on the list, only to find out we only used a fraction of them. Once the samples are done and the outline and handouts are written. I go through a dry run of the class to determine the order of "operations." Mixed media is a bit of a dance between supplies, drying time, demonstrations and making actual art. All of this is necessary for a great classroom experience. Here is a sample for my upcoming class "Imperfect Beauty: A Mixed Media Approach to Face and Form". In one exercise, we will be taking a photo of ourselves and transforming it into something really dramatic.
Here is the original:
Me...a little younger!
Me, as a very dramatic geisha....water soluble crayons and a little black and white paint.
I am so looking forward to seeing what my students will do! There is still time to sign up for the class on beautiful Whidbey Island, WA at the
Pacific Northwest School of Art
June 29-30, 2013
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