Thursday, June 14, 2012

Goofing off

I have been away from my blog a bit. Truthfully, I have been "goofing off" in the studio. Playing with my art supplies, reorganizing and nesting. I believe in giving yourself permission to play and recharge. The photo is of a weird growth on one of our many oak trees. I am guessing is it some sort of house for a bug, it looks like eggs stuck in a tree and because of the color you can see them from a distance. This is how my mind wanders when I am in the goof off mode. I am storing up little inspirations, what ifs and wow that worked moments while enjoying the warm weather and smells of summer.
This is a face in my 3"x5" journal that sits on my worktable. I glue down random paper and make a little painting or collage at the end of the day with the leftovers. No stress to cover a large journal page and I think that makes these little experiments so fun. I feel productive even though I am goofing off!!! Hope you take some time to do the hour, a day, just play.
Max - too much play!