Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Preparing for a Show

Preparing for an outdoor show is not for the faint of heart. I have been "preparing" for Artwalk which takes place April 25-26 this year, since April of last year. First I committed to doing the show, filling out the forms, paying the booth fee and being accepted. Pressure was increased when I was selected as one of the Featured Artists for the show - extra publicity and extra stress to create the best art I can make. 
Once accepted to a show I go through my inventory of art to see what I have that is new, since I did the show last. I set the art up to get a visual of what it looks like as a group. Do I have enough large pieces? Is there a range of sizes and prices? Do they go together? This is where I start making lists of what needs to be done. The real work of preparing starts here.....I am ordering supplies, designing postcards, doing an inventory of bubble wrap, bags and receipts for sales, checking things off my lists. All this and I have not picked up a brush yet! I am officially a month away and am still painting, trying to "round out" what I am going to bring.

I have a booth hanging system that is essentially 7 standing wire racks that get dressed up with a black cover. The art has to be arranged on these panels in some sort of pleasing way.  Once I am done I will set up the booth on my patio, hang the paintings, take photos (so I remember where they go) take it all down and start wrapping each piece to protect it for packing in the van. 
I will be setting up the night before the show, so all I will need to bring the next day is my survival kit - hat, sunscreen, water, sketchbook, ipad, money and lots of snacks. Eating messy food when you are trying to talk about your art does not work!
Knowing I prepared well for a show really helps my confidence on opening day. The nerves are still there, but I know I can be proud of what I have brought to share.

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