Friday, August 22, 2014

Inspired by My Students

Just unpacking from my trip to Chicago to teach at Create. Preparing 100 packets, trying to pack paints so they don't explode on the plane and struggling to meet the weight limit for my luggage was challenging. I was questioning myself...why I would travel by plane to teach?? 5 minutes into my first class I remembered why. Meeting other folks who are excited to learn and make better art. Seeing the creative ideas and learning from my students makes it all worth the effort. I wanted to share some of the work from my full day classes. I was so swamped in the shorter classes, I did not get a chance to photograph...really sad, as all the work was equally original and wonderful....
Here are some of the creations from my "Journaling Character" class....

Here is some student work from my "Black Magic" class:

Most new artists think that they have to work for years to develop their own unique style, but when you consider that everyone used the same materials, tools and techniques, it is easy to see that there is a different approach to each character.  It was truly inspiring to hear the students in the Black Magic class talking to each other about darks, lights and contrast! I thank all my students, in all the classes I taught, for trusting the process and hanging in through the finish. I hope they will all continue on their artistic journey.

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