Tuesday, April 2, 2013

21 Secrets

I hope those of you following my blog received my newsletter. If you did not, be sure to sign up. I am hoping to do it at least twice a year, more if there is positive feedback. I have been missing my journaling time getting ready for Artwalk in a few short weeks, so I signed up for 21Secrets - an art journaling workshop to entice me to take some time out for play. The classes can be taken in any order, so I jumped in with Danielle Daniel and played with her prompts.

For some reason I picked up the grey paint, so it is a little somber. I wanted to try some color combinations I don't usually use.  I had fun with this background - what a mess!

This is the other page of the spread.

I decided not to put anything in the background so I could remember what I did. I plan on doing something completely different on the other side. We'll see how it goes....

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