Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 26 - 29 Inspiration Days

I spent I wonderful time visiting my daughter and her husband in Portland. I was able to see the latest exhibit "The Body Beautiful in Anchient Greece" at the PAM.
My favorite piece

Saw this in the Contemporary Art wing....
Loved this...it is huge and very impactive!

Had tea and a cookie after the museum.
I bought an early buyer pass for the Palmer Wirfs Antique show. They let you in when the vendors are setting up. Total chaos but lots of buying as they are unpacking. I thought this guy was stuffed until he barked at me!

These guys really were stuffed....

As was this unfortunate bunny!

What antique show is completed without a Victorian viewing casket.
I bought a lot of fun inspirational stuff which I will share in my next post. All together a wonderful time and I am ready to get back to work in the studio.

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