Monday, September 24, 2012

The Art-Is-You Experience

What a wonderful event! A good time was definitely had by all. We were treated to handmade sewn name tags, provided lunches, special shopping and touring trips and a really nice venues to host the classes. 
I was lucky to be able to spend 2 days in Tracy Verdugo's "Sacred Marks" class. I loved her gentle energy and council during the process. Because I am a painter, I had some struggles with trying not to drop into my comfort zone. I did a lot of "deep breathing" and kept telling myself to be present and not rush and I think that my piece, that went from this:

to this:

says a lot about surrendering to the moment. The painting practically painted itself! 
I taught my class "Doll Face" and was treated to a wonderful group of women who were open and enthusiastic. I am forever grateful for all the students who are willing to invest their time and efforts to enroll in my classes. I only wished the class could have been longer than 3 hours and hope they were able to go home with enough inspiration and techniques to continue to play. 
I hope to attend and teach next year and I would not hesitate to recommend the event.

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