Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2012 Sketchbook Project Limited Edition

I have been working on my second Sketchbook Project book this year. They provide you with a sketchbook and you art it up and send it back. It is an exercise for me in letting go. I am trying to enjoy the process and learning to let go of the final "product." The theme I chose is "Create and Capture." Not sure I am sticking to the theme, I guess I will see when it is finished. It is due at the end of April and I am forcing myself to do a spread every other day, so I am not racing at the end. I removed the pages of the original book and replaced them with Lenox 100 printmaking paper, so I could use water media. I did a matte medium resist technique with a watercolor wash and am working off the design that is left. This is what the pages look like when I start:
Medium Resist with Watercolor Wash

These are some spreads I finished today....only 5 more to go to finish!!

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