Monday, September 12, 2011

Home at Last

Collage, pencils, gel pen and watercolor
We just returned from a trip to San Diego to see family. The day before we were to leave, we found out our grand daughter was in a car accident. I am taken aback by how easily your priorities can change. She is recovering, back in school and we are very thankful. While we were there we also survived the "big power outage". Everyone in the neighborhood stayed up late and my kids organized a game night complete with candles and Twinkies.
My ritual as soon as I return home is to get re-acquainted with my studio. I am preparing for my Journalfest class, "Pencil Dreams," and am trying to work in my journals without acrylic paints - just pencils, pens and watercolor. I really am enjoying the softer look. If anyone is still considering attending Journalfest, most classes are still open. It is a very different experience than Artfest. A smaller group, the charm of fall in Port Townsend and all those wonderful journals to see.....

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