Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Community Project

I have been very busy - sadly neglecting my blog...I was asked by the Josephine County Juvenile Justice Center to participate in a community fundraiser. Each artist was to "art up" an very large (at least 4 ft across and 6" deep) dimensional heart for display during the month of April in town. The heart was textured and I had to spackle it and sand it down before I started. It was really fun and challenging to figure out a design using the limitations of the shape. Here is a slide show of the progress of the heart. I can not wait to see what others did with these....


  1. love how your heart turned out!

  2. Oh MY Karen that is simply amazing what you did with that heart! It is beautiful!!
    I met you finally in Alamo last year at Tinsel and Treasures and have enjoyed your art for some time.....I hope you will be there again this year~~~Just wanted to say hi and tell you how much I loved seeing the stages of your progress with this piece
    Laura Pleasanton Ca

  3. I love this piece, and the photos of it in class. It was a joy to take your class at Artfest. I'll be looking at album covers in a whole new light! :)

    Keep in touch,