Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Getting Back in the Groove

I seem to be doing a lot of work in my journals. After the noise and activity of the holidays, I think this is a way for me to re-focus. 

My pages are all over the place and this is probably good for later painting inspiration. 

I am loving the many layered look and unexpected outcomes. The challenge now is to get back to the larger canvas. I have 2 paintings that I am working on that have "revealed" a direction for me to go...
This one is my favorite. I am going to try and take pics of my process on this piece from now on to see how it evolves.....


  1. these are all wonderful Karen im doing the same thing and loving it lol

    hugz bev

  2. Hi Karen! I found you through the FB magically mixed art community page. Your creations are so rich! I am so enjoying discovery your work.
    Happy winter creating!

  3. Love that bear I gotta say!! Beautiful pages Karen, thank you for sharing!