Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year Rituals

I love working in books. I always end my year by reviewing my journals and sketchbooks and "claiming" my new ones. It is a ritual I have come to look forward to. There is nothing like starting anew, blank books waiting to be filled, a clean slate. I keep a journal that is just for recording my thoughts and life events. I am always rewarded on New Years eve, with reading what I have written. The record of how much I have experienced, family events and accomplishments, gives me pause. Once I read them they get tucked away and I am ready to start again. 
Some years I am better at recording than others, but I am never disappointed in the end. I also keep a sketchbook that travels with me everywhere and a "studio" book that stays put and houses my experiments with paint and other media, ideas for painting series and photos of works in progress. I claim my new books by decorating the fronts, making them mine. 
These books are separate from my "art journals" that serve as my playground and a place to warm up before I start on my bigger paintings. I work in these until they are filled or no longer calling me to add to them.
I have a lot planned already for 2013, so I have selected the word "BREATHE" to keep me grounded and focused. As I drink more water (a resolution) I will take a deep breath and start my forward motion, recording my steps in whatever book is near.


  1. What a wonderful ritual to have at the end of each year. I love having new journals as well, although I often don't fill them up as I should. But just knowing they are there to use is enough for me. happy new year

  2. gorgeous idea with your journals. Love the drawings on the front, your style is wonderfully playful. Happy new year to you!

  3. Your journals are amazing and am looking forward to the time spent with you in 2013, learning, sharing and laughing. Happy New Year!