Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 7 and 8 (30 day art challenge)

Wow, I make art pretty much every day but I am only at day 8 and am having more difficulty with the documenting of my progress, than the actual doing. One thing is for sure, I do more each day than I think I do!
Here is the progress of my current painting. It is not done. I need to sit on it and work on something else....
Day 7 and most of today. The background needs help!

At the last moment when I was cleaning up I got rid of the flower in the right upper corner. 
Getting close, I will see what it looks like in the daylight.


  1. Hi Karen,

    The painting looks great. So glad to see the seahorse made the cut and is still around.

    I am also participating in the 30 Day Challenge. I laughed with recognition when you said the documentation was the more difficult part. I totally agree!


  2. such a wonderfully unique piece. love seeing how it unfolds.