Monday, August 20, 2012

Trip to San Diego

I have been away...our new grand daughter Emery made her entrance on August 11th and we shot down to So Cal to meet her. What a beauty. I am hoping for weekly photos so I don't miss anything!
I managed to sneak in a bit of antiquing inspiration when I was there. These are amazing creations..who knew you could do so much with some shells and trims!

Now that I am home I am trying to get back in the painting groove. I did this piece in about an hour, just zoning out. Unfortunately I am really liking how it is developing...unfortunate because I did it on some throw away paper...ahhhhh! Don't you just hate when that happens....


  1. Congrats on the new baby!
    Maybe you can do with your paper what Melody Johnson thought to do with one of hers:

    Basically, she "decoupaged" it onto a canvas so it's more substantial.

  2. I agree...I may have to use wood as it is an odd size but it is the best solution. Thanks.