Monday, September 19, 2011

Layered Impressions Painted Collage Face

Here is my before and after for my painted collage faces. I am really working on keeping loose, not being fussy....

the before

The after
Number 2...
 My scanner cut off some of this, I really wish I could have kept  some of the collage showing but, I got a little carried away with the paint...

the finished...again too big for my scanner...It says "she shines her light  on all the lost."


  1. Hi Karen, I am in the class too and saw your post in the fb group. Had to leave a comment and tell you how much I love these!!! WOW!! They are both amazing!! :)

  2. hi Karen me too had to pop over , love them both and i agree on the second one it would have been good to keep that face in the lower left corner showing a bit love that ..

    hugz bev

  3. Hi there Karen I have come over from Katie's class to say I love what you did with the collage! Nice meeting you.

  4. Hello Karen i'm doing katie's class too. your faces are absolutey awesome wow! they are so beautiful love them very inspiring

  5. Your work is always amazing! I can almost always spot it as "Karen's"! I miss you!


  6. Hi Karen,
    I'm fascinated with both of these~
    Wonderful and I am so curious about the collage book you mentioned. Odd, I found that yesterday, browsing around...must be fate! :D

    I love the details in your art; stunning!

  7. Hi Karen,
    I saw your work on Ella's blog today and had to pop over here to follow your blog. I love your art! I'm in Oregon too just south of Portland. Happy Painting!
    Jenny :)

  8. Always an inspiration to see your work Karen. Thank you for sharing the before and after pics on this technique. It's the one that I skipped in class and now I'm going back to do it!!! lol