Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Atom Journal Page #21

While on vacation I was able to complete a journal page. I tried to take photos as I went. As usual, there comes a point where I am lost in the process and am missing a few steps, but I think you can still get an idea of the progress. I use old books for my journals and adopt part or all of the original title for each journal. I number the pages before I start to work. This makes it easier to organize the digital files of my finished pages.

I began on a page in the journal that was prepped with random collage and a coat of Golden Absorbent Ground. The ground allows me to use watercolor on the collage surface.
 I added a face from my random "character file" - a folder of faces I have roughly drawn on various papers with different media.
This one was an ink and watercolor pencil sketch on gessoed red rosin paper.

I used the collage as a guide for the body placement and shape.
A dog was added to give my character something to do!

Vintage magazine legs were added.
Don't you just love the shape...

I outlined the entire character and dog with watercolor pencil and started to blend it with matte medium.

This is the part where I get involved and forget to take photos.
I added color with pencils and pan watercolor. I always work on top of the added collage to make the character seamless.  I used heavy body Titanium White acrylic for the highlights.
I used a Sharpie white water based paint pen to add some accents and flowers.

I used a muted yellow watercolor for the background and added a bit more blue and red to the flowers to make them stand out.
The wings on the dog were made with a rubber stamp loaded with fairly dry watercolor. 
A few accents added to the doggie wings with pencil. More white pen around the flowers.
 Page 21 of the Atom Journal is done.

A little San Diego Zoo cuteness! A new baby giraffe.
This photo shows how much growing he has to do...

The Meerkats and I wish you a Happy New Year!!

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