Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Art Life

I gave a class at my studio to some wonderful folks last week, including my grandaughter, who is 16 years old and another visiting teen. The class was an abbreviated version of my upcoming class at Art-Is-You Stamford, CT, October 7-9. Sort of a trial run to make sure my instructions were good and I had the right supplies.

One of my class samples for Paint Primer on Primitive

It is alway fun to see what students create from your original concept for a new class and this was no exception. Only a few in the class had made a doll before, and this is a grouping of what was produced. Some are not quite finished, but they are stunning and unique! One person even made a mermaid....

My grandaughter gave me permission to share her work....

Definitely a modern twist on Primitive. 

Finished paintings layed out on the table...

I decided to demonstrate a more modern version of a primitive doll and painting, 
to show how early American primitive style can be done with a twist.

I hope you will consider joining me in Stamford, CT for 
October 7-9, 2015!


  1. SO lovely!!!!!! I hope you'll be at AIY here in Santa Rosa in April!!!

  2. I adore your work and I'm looking forward to meeting you

  3. Beautiful! If I were anywhere near I'd join in for sure! I'm sure I would have the time of my life:)

    I just love how all characters are both in 2D and 3D<3

  4. I have just found you Karen, and your work is just amazing. I love your style. If I were closer I would attend for sure. A little far to come I'm afraid.
    Victoria, BC Canada

  5. I would love to see this as an ecourse.

  6. I love that idea Victoria. I am just getting into making videos, so this is on the top of the list as a potential e course! If it is possible for you, I am giving this class in person at Art is You, Santa Rosa in April 2016. There is a link on the blog. Thanks!