Friday, March 21, 2014


We are all storytellers. We tell our stories in words and pictures everyday. Just spend a few minutes on Facebook and notice that every word and picture is a story unfolding. When I finish a painting I have hopes that there is a story there. Sometimes they shout out and sometimes they hide from me. I just finished a series of  3 small paintings. I worked on all of them at the same time and each painting revealed what it wanted to be pretty quickly. I did my "shape-searching" and found shapes that made me want to keep going and see them to the finish.
I showed all three paintings to my husband and a friend on separate occasions. Both picked out the same painting and said "there is a story there." It is a mystery that I will continue to chip away at, why some paintings speak to people and others do are the three paintings....

 I would love to hear your comments about which (if any) one makes you think....
"There is a story...."


  1. I think all 3 tell a story, but I'm most attracted to the middle one. Beautiful work ...

  2. They are all fantastic, but I love 3 and there is definitely a story there.

  3. Beautiful post and art, Karen. All three have a voice, the bottom one however, really resonates with me. My mind totally started it's own story just looking at it. As always, thank you for sharing, so inspiring!

  4. Hi! the tree of them speak to me but I see a story between the 2nd and the 3rd one. The 1rst one tells me a different tale.
    Amazing work! congratulations.

  5. Love all of these! If I had to choose, I'd say it's the first one that tells a story. It's all in the eyes, as if she's trying to catch my attention and stare into my eyes, while the second one looks more like "smiling for the camera". The 3rd one would be a story told by a 3rd person, since she isn't even looking my way. Does that make sense?

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I thought the first one was telling the story also. The title of the piece is "Answer Me." She really is trying to capture your attention!

  6. each has a story-the bottom one i like most :) have you ever read a children's book called "the mysteries of harris burdick" by chris van allsburg? he has an illustration then maybe one tell the story. that's what these remind me of.