Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Book of Days

I have started a new journal for my "Book of Days." I decided on an old birding field guide. I loved the size and feel of it and thought it would be a good way to work on my "Presence." I decided to make it a simple journal. Here is the cover...
My first spread. I opted not to write about 2011- I wanted more to look forward.
and my response to the prompt "looking forward." 
I am having a sudden love of sock monkeys...don't ask! I found out I am going to be a Nana for the second time and was thinking about my twin sons and their first toys. One had a monkey and one a blue elephant. So I am looking forward to making new creations for my second grand child! It is a mystery how the mind works but I love just going with the flow - no planning, just be.


  1. Looking at your pages makes me happy.


  2. Love the characters, especially the weird man. :)

  3. Perfect.....I am also giggling because I love sock monkeys!!!

  4. Can I just tell you just how much I love your reworking on your cover - ADORE!

  5. Congrats on grandbaby #2. I'm a Nana of 2 also. Our doggy had a mini sock monkey, so cute. Remember to keep Art Unravelled in mind for next year. I believe Linda's proposals are due in Sept. for the next year. The AU 2012 site is up and registration starts Jan. 16th Check it out. Maybe come takes some classes this year. Happy New Year!

  6. Congrats on the second grandchild! My fourth is now on the way! Sheesh! LOL

    Love the new journal pages. Beautiful work as always. xoxo